14Trees Announces the Construction of 10 Kenyan 3D Printed Houses in 10 weeks
Built Environment
With an increasing population worldwide, how do we cope with the housing crisis? 3DPrinting could be one of the...
KJ Martin Slams Airless 3D Printed Basketball in NBA Dunk Contest
3D printing made its way into NBA Slam Dunk Contest! Atlanta Hawks’ small forward, KJ Martin, debuted an airless...
Sakuu Announces Successful 3D Printing of Fully Functional High-Performance Patterned Batteries
SwiftPrint batteries have achieved another milestone for the manufacturing industry! Kavian platform and SwiftPrint...
3D Systems Announces Bioprinted Tissue Products for Reconstructive Surgery
Bioprinted tissue products for reconstructive surgery may soon be a possible thing. 3D Systems, the additive...
Changing The World’s Most Resource-Intensive Industry With Metal 3D Printing
Built Environment
Did you know? The demolition and building industries contribute 30% of all waste generated in the EU yearly. To help...
NASA Validates Revolutionary Propulsion Design for Deep Space Missions
NASA has successfully developed and tested the first full-scale rotating detonation rocket engine (RDRE). The RDRE...
Infographic: 3D Printing and its Role in Space Exploration
It may seem like science fiction, but 3D printing has quickly been adopted for different applications in space...
Miss Singapore Takes Miss Universe Stage Adorned with 3D Printed Orchids
Usually, 3D-printed costumes are in reference to cosplay, movies, Halloween, and even the theatre, but not often for...
Steakholder Handed $1M To Develop 3D Bioprinted Eel, Scientists Identify More Affordable Cultured Meats
Researchers at sustainable meat developer Steakholder Foods and National University of Singapore (NUS) have recently...
DNV Updates Its Additive Manufacturing Standard With A New Edition
Standards & Certifications
The independent energy expert and assurance provider DNV has published a new edition of DNV-ST-B203 Additive...
How AM is ushering in a new generation of EVs
AM applications in the production of car body parts for electric vehicles (EVs) started out as a long-term opportunity,...
John Deere Turns To 3D Printing More Efficient Engine Parts
The new John Deere tractors rolling off the manufacturing line in Germany will have the company’s first metal...