How AM is ushering in a new generation of EVs
AM applications in the production of car body parts for electric vehicles (EVs) started out as a long-term opportunity,...
John Deere Turns To 3D Printing More Efficient Engine Parts
The new John Deere tractors rolling off the manufacturing line in Germany will have the company’s first metal...
We can now 3D print as much wood as we want without cutting a single tree
A global forest survey reveals that since the beginning of human civilisation, 54% of the Earth’s tree population...
This 3D Printed Robotic Fish Collects Microplastics From The UK’S Waterways
Meet Gilbert, the nickname of a 3D printed robot fish designed by Eleanor Mackintosh, a student from the University of...
3D Printed Violins Could Help Bring Music to All
The latest innovation in the additive manufacturing field is a 3D-printed violin. AVIVA Young Artists Program recently...
MyBone 3D printed bone implant approved for patients in Europe
Surgeons in Europe now have access to MyBone, a patient-specific 3D printed bone, to treat patients with severe facial...
BMW presents successful implementation of IDAM project
The Industrialization and Digitization of Additive Manufacturing project (IDAM project) for automotive series processes...
Mitsubishi Electric Develops Technology to 3D Print Satellite Antennas in Space
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced Tuesday that it has developed an additive manufacturing technology to 3D...
Researchers Develop Novel 3D Printing Process Algorithm to Curb Coral Reef Devastation
Researchers from four of Israel’s leading universities have developed a novel 3D printing process that could help to...
EOS And Hyperganic Partner to Advance Aerospace 3D Printing with AI Technology
Leading 3D printer manufacturer EOS has partnered with Hyperganic, a specialist in engineering design software, in a...
Shell 3D Prints Impellers for Its Dutch Refinery
Marine & Offshore
The oil and gas industry hasn’t adopted additive manufacturing (AM) techniques to the same extent as some other...
US President Biden Launches AM Forward Initiative to Boost Additive Manufacturing
AM Technology and Value Chain
US President Joe Biden has announced a new initiative aimed at improving US domestic supply chain resilience by...