全国增材制造创新组合计划2.0 将聚焦公共领域研究工作培育人才 NAMIC Phase 2.0 to Focus on Public R&D and Nurture Talents
AM Technology and Value Chain
Cost-effective and High Quality Wastewater Treatment Enabled by 3D Printing
THREE-DIMENSIONAL (3D) printing has long been touted as the next big step in manufacturing, with research being done...
3D Printing Media Network: NAMIC Global Additive Manufacturing Summit 2021 launches
The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) successfully launched the Global Additive...
3D Printed Shoes Protect Birds from Foot Disease in Singapore
3D-printing technology has found a surprising application in customised shoes that protect birds of prey in Singapore...
New standards initiatives to support I4.0 technology adoption in manufacturing sector
Singapore, Wednesday, 24 November 2021 1. In line with Singapore’s push to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0...
Singapore Develops New Industry Standards for 3D Printing with Industry Players and Government Agencies
New industry standards for 3D printing will help businesses carry out additive manufacturing with less waste and cost....
Singapore Launches New 3D Printing Standards to help SMEs Adopt Additive Manufacturing
New standards have been rolled out to drive more companies, especially start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises...
GE Celebrates 40 Years of Pioneering Singapore’s Aviation Innovation and Talent
GE Aviation celebrates its 40 years of operations in Singapore, today. To commemorate this milestone, GE Aviation...
National University Hospital Announces Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson to Launch Singapore’s First 3D Printing Point-Of-Care In Hospital
SINGAPORE — The National University Hospital (NUH) today launched a 3D Printing Point-of-Care collaboration within...
New 3D Printing Lab in Singapore Potentially Shortens Duration of Surgeries
National University Hospital patients with complex medical conditions requiring surgery could reduce the time they...
Cryo-forging Technique Produces Stronger and Lighter ‘Nanotwinned’ Titanium
Titanium is strong and lightweight, boasting the highest strength to weight ratio of any structural metal. But...
Singapore Residential Area Trials 3D Printed Vertical Garden with Plans to Expand Initiative if Successful
Community gardens are found in Singapore housing estates, where residents of a housing estate and Residents’...