NAMIC Innovation & Enterprise Fellowship Programme

NAMIC I&E Fellowship Programme (IFP) is a paid 12-18 months of on-job training that enables technical professionals in any industry to gain Additive Manufacturing (AM) technical, operational experiences and business acumen in lab- and/or non-lab-based roles.

IFP covers areas such as project management, translational and commercialisation business execution, and formal AM classroom and/or workshop training.

Why Apply


  • 3-6 months corporate exposure to Global Additive Manufacturing ecosystem
  • Classroom or workshop trainings, including AM foundation knowledge, technical and economic aspects of AM, on-the-job AM skills training and certification
  • Be soaked with internal and external AM seminars or conferences
  • Practical experiences on industry project execution
  • Mentorship directly from industry experts
  • Be experienced from ideation to prototype to product
* Depending on each industry project objectives

Upon completion of the programme, you may access varied career opportunities in the deep tech industry and help shape the sector’s next stage of growth. Examples include:

Tech commericalisation role – to bring research outcomes to market or scale existing outcomes
Founder – to establish and operate new company with AM technology, solutions or services

Employee - to support in commercializing proprietary technology or bringing it to an investible stage
Partner/Mentor – to perform technology due diligence, support startups in commercializing their technologies, or help startups scale and/or inernationalise


Who should apply?

An individual who has a passion for engineering and a strong interest in deep technology for any industry verticals with a few years of industry experience (e.g. Engineer, Industry designer, researcher etc), or early/mid-career technical professionals.

The individual must be committed to completing the 12-18 months programme.

Hiring organisations may impose contractual measures to the fellow who resigns voluntarily from the programme.


  • Fellow must be a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Permanent Resident (PR)
  • Candidates should hold a Postgraduate, Masters, Bachelors (with minimum 2 years of industry experience) Degree or Diploma (with minimum 5 years of industry experience). Fresh graduates with AM-related experiences are welcome to apply.
  • Industry experience in mechanical, electrical, computer engineering or other engineering-related fields industry. (Experience in Additive Manufacturing, Test and Certification, Digital, R&D, Technology, and/or Operations environment would be a big advantage.)
  • Good organisation skills, motivated, self-starter with the ability to perform duties independently.
  • Fluent in English and a second language of choice.
  • High integrity, balanced self-starter, great due diligence.

The above eligibility criteria are not exhaustive. NAMIC may include additional selection criteria based on its prevailing recruitment policies. These policies may be amended from time to time without notice. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to convert to a full-time role with the company upon completion of the fellowship?

Full-time roles with the industry partner company may be available to trainees upon completion of the programme but are not guaranteed. Offers of full-time roles will also depend on additional factors including the performance of the trainee throughout the programme, company priorities etc.

How do I apply for the programme?

You may apply for the programme directly through A*STAR career portal and NAMIC career portal.

What information is required for the application process? What will I have to prepare?

You will need to prepare your CV for upload to the application portal. CVs can be uploaded as either Word or PDF files.

Will I have to resign from my current position to apply for the NAMIC Innovation and Enterprise Fellowship Programme?

Yes, you must be able to commit to a full-time traineeship role over a period of 18 months to enrol in the I&E Fellowship Programme.

How will candidates be qualified and assessed? What is the shortlisting process like?

NAMIC will shortlist candidates for interviews based on the CVs submitted. Shortlisted candidates will then be co-interviewed by NAMIC and A*STAR recruitment team for the final selection and placement of the trainee.

Will I receive any certifications / qualifications upon completion of the programme?

No certificates will be issued for the IFP. However, the trainee will be attending formal classroom and/or workshop trainings where certification will be issued upon completion.

Will I be entitled to full-time employee benefits (such as paid time off, medical leave etc.) with the industry partner company?

The list of employee benefits available to trainees will be subject to the agreement signed by NAMIC and the industry partner company. NAMIC will ensure all agreements are aligned with standard terms and conditions for traineeships according to Singapore Law.

What are other requirements will be needed during and/or after IFP?
  1. The Fellows are required to do a monthly knowledge sharing and update of their learning progress/experiences with the Cohort and the mentors in NAMIC CLP. This will also serve as a channel for Fellows to voice out or discuss their ideas, concerns, challenges and suggestions.
  2. The Fellows should submit a half-yearly progress report summarizing the key activities & takeaways, milestones achieved, and upcoming learning & development plans. Review and feedback will be done by NAMIC hubs/ PIs/ CLP mentors/ industry collaborators based on the half-yearly report.
  3. At the end of the 18-month Fellowship Programme, the Fellows are required to make a final presentation on training outcomes and key achievements to NAMIC CLP, Hub Manager or PI, and/or industry collaborators.
  4. The Fellows should submit a final report within 1 month from their training completion date. NAMIC CLP will be providing an individual assessment for the Fellow as an acknowledgment of programme completion. This will serve as a training completion record for the Fellows.