Exclusive: Australian company resurrects flesh of lost species to demonstrate potential of meat grown from cells


Mammoths have long been extinct, but do you know that Vow, an Australian cultivated meat company, has created a mammoth meatball, resurrecting the flesh of the long-extinct animal?

Cultivated meat, also known as cultured meat, is real animal meat (including seafood and organ meats) produced by cultivating animal cells directly. As such meat is made of the same cell types arranged in the same or similar structure as animal tissues, it replicates the nutritional content of conventional meat. This production method helps to eliminate the need to raise, farm and slaughter animals for food.

While most companies are working on alternatives for conventional meat, Vow aims to mix and match cells from unconventional species to create new kinds of meat. Besides the mammoth, they are also investigating the potential of more than 50 animal species cells to “”invent”” alternative meat sources.

With Singapore being the first country to approve the sale of cultured meat products, the company expects to sell its first cultivated meat, Japanese quail, in restaurants here this year.

Read more about it here: http://bit.ly/3G88lwp