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About Challenge

How will you develop a sustainable design that is within a constraint of 1 kilogram using additive manufacturing technologies, also known as 3D printing?

Additive manufacturing technologies, also known as 3D printing (3DP) is a diverse set of technologies where products are created by building layers of material on top of one another until a complete 3D object is formed. When COVID-19 disrupted demand and supply chains, 3DP machines pressed on to fill the gaps for essential items. 3DP’s potential to revolutionise the way products are designed, manufactured, and supplied can be seen in sectors such as aerospace, precision engineering, biomedical, construction and more.

In 2019, a community of interior designers of 8 major Japanese auto brands came together as JAID (Japan Automotive Interior Designers) and demonstrated the potentialities of ideas, creativities and additive manufacturing technologies. 

As the cost of automotive materials is often expressed in terms of “unit price per kg”, JAID was challenged to create value within a 1 kilogram constraint.

Sustainable design is becoming increasingly crucial with climate change being the crisis of our time. It is no longer about having aesthetically pleasing designs but as designers we have a responsibility in ensuring that our design makes the environment a better place, both directly and indirectly. 

We are bringing the 1kg challenge to Singapore to showcase Singapore’s vision and commitment to create a sustainable and innovative future using additive manufacturing.

Details of the challenge

We challenge the creativity of the public and students to develop a 1kg 3D printable sustainable design model; selected designs will be 3D printed for judges and public voting on 21 September – 1 October 2023.

We welcome anyone residing in Singapore regardless of age or background to participate.
You may choose to participate as an individual or in a team. 

The open call ends on 20 June 2023. It would require the submission of a 3D model file with an introduction of no more than 500 words explaining the concept and ideation relating to sustainability. No printing is needed during the open call round.

Shortlisted designs that advance into the finals for print and exhibition will be notified via email on 1 July 2023.

Submit your 3D model file here today.

Please direct any enquiries related to this challenge with email subject “1kg Challenge” here.

Key Dates

Submission of concept art From now till 20 June 2023
Notification of finalists 1 July 2023
3D printing of finalist’s art pieces 1 July  to 31 August 2023
1kg challenge exhibition period 21 September to 1 October 2023
Winner’s notification 10 October 2023
Awards Ceremony 18 October 2023


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I participate this challenge in a group?

Yes, you may participate in a group!

Do I need a 3D printer to join this challenge?

No, you do not need a 3D printer during the open call submission. However, we do require a 3D model file (.step, .stl etc…) in order to check your submission’s printability. It would be good to have resources to 3D printing when your design gets selected to proceed for printing, otherwise, we will help you out.

What are the criteria for my concept art to be selected into the printing stage?

The criteria are as follows:

  1. We require a 3D model file of the object
  2.  It must not exceed 1kg (total weight)
  3. A short introduction to the piece that explains the concept and ideation, conceptual sketches and drawings are most welcome too!
  4. No dangerous items such as weapons will be considered for submission
  5. Recyclability/Sustainability is a plus!
How will i be notified if my concept art gets selected for print?

You will be notified by email on 1 July 2023. Do look out for our email!

Any limits to the number of concept art 1 person can submit?

There are no limits to the number of submissions, but only 1 artwork per person/team will be selected.

Can I make changes to my design after qualifying for the 3D printing process?

We do not allow changes to the design once it has been selected as a finalist. But changes to the colour or printing material is acceptable as long as the final art piece still remains within 1kg.

Does the final product have to be fully 3D printed?

We require that the majority of the piece be 3D printed. But do note that the whole art piece has to be within 1kg.

Are there any size limitations?

There are no size limitations, but remember to keep the total weight of the art piece under 1kg!

Are there prizes for this challenge?

Yes, the cash prizes will be announced on 1 July 2023.