Standards & Certifications

The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) works with both international and local standard and certification bodies to set out definitions, specifications and procedures for the design, performance and quality of materials used, and processes in additive manufacturing (AM) technology adoption. Supported by Enterprise Singapore, NAMIC serves to develop AM manufacturing standards in order to support the manufacturing industry in Singapore.


Standard bodies such as ASTM, DNV and Enterprise Singapore, have introduced standards that are intended to promote industry knowledge, help stimulate research and encourage the adoption of AM technology. Together with our partners, we can help to address your regulatory concerns in facility set-up, material storage, process monitoring and quality control, and product certification.

Refer below for the AM guidelines developed by the international and local standard and certification bodies.

Click here for the full list of standards developed for AM technology under ISO/TC 261

Click here for the full list of standards under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee F42 on AM technologies

Click here for the guidance on the use of additive manufacturing in design activities and in the production of articles under Singapore Airworthiness Requirements (SAR) Part 21

  • Guideline for AM qualification and certification process for materials and components: DNV-CG-0197
  • Standard for AM metallic parts: DNV-ST-B203

Singapore Standards

  • Technical Reference: TR70
  • Technical Reference: TR92
  • Standard for qualification of parts printed by metal additive manufacturing: SS 666


Refer below for the AM certification offered by the international and local standard and certification bodies.

ABS Guide for Additive Manufacturing

This guide defines the ABS approval and certification process for additive manufacturing facilities and parts by providing standards for additive manufacturing design, feedstock material, building processes, inspection and testing.

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ASTM Additive Manufacturing Operator Certification Program

This certification consists of both theoretical and practical assessments to evaluate the knowledge of the Power Bed Fusion – Laser Beam operator.

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DNV Additive Manufacturing Certification

Released in 2017, DNV has developed a new qualification and certification guideline for 3D-printed products in the maritime and offshore industries. In collaboration with key stakeholders, DNV has also developed similar recommendations for the oil and gas industry for an AM recommended practice.

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Lloyd’s Register Additive Manufacturing Certification Services

Lloyd’s Register has introduced a broad-based, AM part certification service that spans all industries, from marine classification to oil and gas verification.

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TÜV SÜD Industrial AM Quality Program

Started in 2018, NAMIC and TÜV SÜD piloted a quality assurance programme for the AM industry. The quality assurance programme is based on DIN SPEC 17071, ISO/ASTM PWI 52920-2 and other state-of-the-art industry standards.

The intention is to help AM companies to achieve quality and consistency in industrial AM and accelerate the AM manufacturer’s go-to-market capabilities through a rigorous examination of the quality and process framework.

The programme includes competency training of personnel and certification of the organisation. It also includes support for product owners through the creation of test plans for AM parts to meet product requirements.

This initiative is supportable under Enterprise Singapore – Enterprise Development Grant (ESG-EDG).

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