Sakuu Announces Successful 3D Printing of Fully Functional High-Performance Patterned Batteries

SwiftPrint batteries have achieved another milestone for the manufacturing industry!

Kavian platform and SwiftPrint batteries manufacturer Sakuu Corporation has announced that it has successfully and consistently 3D printed completely operational performant batteries in custom sizes and shapes.

“Printing custom patterned batteries using a dry process that starts with raw material and concludes with a fully functional high-performance battery is a breakthrough that can potentially transform how batteries of the future are manufactured for all industries. This milestone advances the integration between our Kavian platform and our commercial-scale battery production plans towards an #energy output goal of 200GWh by 2030 via a network of global partner gigafactories.” – Sakuu Founder and CEO Robert Bagheri

Read more about it here: http://bit.ly/41r3PlH