SPEAKER INTERVIEW – Herman von Bolhuis, 3 Makers Zone

Please share how 3D Printing, in particular DfAM could improve quality of life in the future?

Since the AM sector is really taking up in this year, it is waiting on new product design and above all a new generation of designers. Thinking in freedom of design logics is the next stage that will consumers and companies next level advantages


Please share what your views are on the evolution and growth of Additive Manufacturing processes and materials to revolutionise manufacturing

I believe we are moving from a digital economy and digital supply chains towards an autonomous economy and autonomous supply chain in especially the manufacturing world. Digital Twinning will facilitate increasingly new ways of doing business on a global scale. This will effect value chains, taxation systems and business models


How does DfAM helps in productivity and cost reduction with respect to your industry?

DfAM addresses other current day issues like circular economy, frictionless supply chain by having the right digital warehouse strategy


What are different challenges startups and MNCs face in adopting Design for AM?

The speed of change in a technological sense is very high, the legacy systems in the industry though are a problem in terms of investments, knowledge and value chain partners. The legacy of believes – that things cannot change – is however the biggest hurdle.


What does Additive Manufacturing mean to you and to your business journey?

Next level design, next level materials, next level economy


Please quote 1 successful application of DfAM.

Personalised speedbike handlebars