Global AM Summit 2023

29 September 2023


The NAMIC Global Additive Manufacturing Summit returns for its 12th edition this year! Held in conjunction with the AM Week, a week-long series of AM activities featuring start-ups pitching session, workshops, lab-tours, a full-day summit, a 3D-printed design showcase and more. Dedicated to the additive manufacturing ecosystem, the week will bring together international AM experts and industry leaders to connect and exchange valuable insights. 

The Global Additive Manufacturing Summit will provide a one-stop learning and networking platform for students, academia, industry professionals, and innovators along the entire AM value chain, looking to adopt additive manufacturing.

Themed “Enabling Sustainability and Supply Chain Resilience with Additive Manufacturing”, the summit will discuss topics on decarbonisation and supply chain resilience through additive manufacturing focusing on cellular agriculture, sustainable urban solutions, renewables and environment.

This is a hybrid event. Virtual access are available.

Watch the highlights of AM Week 2023 here.


Time Programme
08:30 am


09:30 am

Opening Remarks

09:35 am

Welcome Address
Dr Ho Chaw Sing, CEO, NAMIC Singapore

09:45 am

Opening Address by Guest-of-Honour
Mr Alvin Tan, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade & Industry

10:00 am

Announcement of Memorandum of Understanding, Partnerships and Alliance

10:30 am

Keynote Presentation – Achieving Anti-Fragile and Sustainable Vehicle Architectures
Michael Kenworthy, CTO (AM Technologies), Divergent 3D

10:50 am

Tea Break

Transition to Session 1: Cellular Agriculture
11:15 am

Opening for Cellular Agriculture Session
Louis Tan, Commercial & Investment Manager, Innovate360

11:20 am

Presentation – Enabling Cutting-Edge Applications with Tissue Engineering & 3D Bioprinting
Eric Bennett, Founder & CEO, Frontier Bio

11:35 am

Presentation – 3D-printed Plant Protein: A Potential Next-Generation Powerhouse for Meat
Professor Huang Dejian, Co-Founder, Kosmode Health

11:50 am

Presentation – Crafting Delicious, Appealing Cultivated Fish with 3D Printing
Dr Dhiraj Singh, Head of R&D, Umami Bioworks

12:05 pm

Presentation – The Future of Food is 3D Printed
Arik Kaufman, Co-Founder & CEO, Steakholder Foods

12:20 pm

Panel – Cellular Agriculture: The Next Frontier
Moderator: Louis Tan
Panelists: Eric Bennett, Professor Huang Dejian, Dr Dhiraj Singh, Arik Kaufman

01:05 pm


Transition to Session 2: Sustainable Urban Solutions
02:05 pm

Opening for Sustainable Urban Solutions Session
Joris Peels, Vice President of Consulting, SmarTech Analysis

02:10 pm

Presentation – Zero Waste and Beyond
Arthur Huang, Founder & CEO, MINIWIZ

02:25 pm

Presentation – Design for 3D Concrete Printing
Shaun Wu, Computational Design Specialist, Witteveen+Bos

02:40 pm

Presentation – 3DCP A Worldwide Perspective
Simon Klint Bergh, Co-Founder & Head of APAC, COBOD

02:55 pm

Presentation – Additive Manufacturing For Form-active Thin Shell Concrete Structures
Pan Yi Cheng, Principle Architect, Type0 Architecture

03:10 pm

Panel – How Do You Integrate Urban Solutions & Sustainability Into Your Industry?
Moderator: Joris Peels
Panelists: Arthur Huang, Shaun Wu, Simon Klint Bergh, Pan Yi Cheng

03:55 pm

Tea break

Transition to Session 3: Renewables and Environment
04:25 pm

Opening for Renewables & Environment Session
Daniel O’Connor, Vice President of Content Strategy & New Product Development, Rapid News Group

04:30 pm

Presentation – Leveraging Metal Additive Manufacturing for Sustainable Industry
Pauline Le Borgne, General Manager, Cetim-Matcor

04:45 pm

Presentation – Additive Manufacturing Enabled Leakproof Direct to Chip Liquid Cooling for Data Centres
Professor Lee Poh Seng, Founder, CoolestDC

05:00 pm

Presentation – Additive Manufacturing Solutions For Fusion Energy & Spinoff Technologies
Vincent Pilard, Project Engineer, TAE Technologies

05:15 pm

Panel – Harnessing Additive Manufacturing For A Greener Tomorrow
Moderator: Daniel O’Connor
Panelists: Pauline Le Borgne, Professor Lee Poh Seng, Vincent Pilard, Michael Kenworthy

06:00 pm

End of summit

* Subjected to amendments


Arik Kaufman
Arik Kaufman
Co-Founder & CEO, Steakholder Foods

Arik Kaufman

Arik Kaufman, CEO and co-founded Steakholder Foods (Nasdaq: STKH)
After being inspired by the success of the plant-based alternative meat sector but not so much by the products themselves. Armed with a strong set of values and a clear vision about how to approach urgently needed changes in the meat industry, he set out to develop printed steaks from cultivated animal stem cells. The result would be a more sustainable and authentic alternative to conventional meat. Today, with its innovative 3D-bioprinting technology and advanced animal cell cultivation techniques, Steakholder Foods is at the forefront of this growing industry. Arik has also founded two other food-tech firms, both on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and is a founding partner of the BlueSoundWaves collective, an investment vehicle led by Ashton Kutcher, Guy Oseary and Effie Epstein.

Arthur Huang
Arthur Huang
Founder & CEO, MINIWIZ

Arthur Huang

Arthur is trained as an engineer, architect from Cornell and Harvard university, and recognized by World Economic Forum as the“technology pioneer” leading in circular economy revolution today with 4 global invention patents granted making decentralized upcycling a reality. He has completed over 300,000 sqm of circular ESG development projects across 17 major global cities transforming local trash into modular upcycled building products with real estate developers and Consumer brands like NIKE, Starbucks, PMI, BAT, McDonald in the last 17 years. He has also won the Financial Times Earth Award 2010, Wall Street Journal Innovation award 2012, Bloomberg NYC Venture Fellow 2012, IDEA GOLD award 2013, National Geographic Emerging Explorer 2016, Vatican Award for Science/Ecology/Architecture 2019, Obama Foundation Emerging Leader 2019, IDEAT Vision Award 2019.

Daniel O'Connor
Daniel O'Connor
VP Content Strategy & New Product Development, Rapid News Group
Dr Dhiraj Singh
Dr Dhiraj Singh
Head of R&D, Umami Meats

Dr Dhiraj Singh

Dr. Dhiraj is the Head of Research and Development at Umami Bioworks, leading a team of scientists to develop novel cell lines, media, and cutting-edge bioprocessing technologies for sustainable cultivated meat production. With over ten years of experience in cell and molecular biology, he plays a critical role in driving innovation and scientific advancements at Umami Meats.

Dr. Dhiraj was a postdoctoral fellow at the National University of Singapore (NUS) before embarking on his research and development journey in the cellular agricultural industry. During his time there, he worked on translational research projects that investigated, among other things, how gestational diabetes affects fetal brain development. Dr. Dhiraj received his Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Nanyang Technological University.

Eric Bennett
Eric Bennett
Founder & CEO, Frontier Bio

Eric Bennett

Eric Bennett, Founder & CEO of Frontier Bio, is an entrepreneurial bioengineer transforming the field of regenerative medicine. With over $5.9M raised in customer revenue and investment, his leadership has paved the way for the development of lab-grown blood vessels, neural, and lung microtissues. Eric’s contribution to the field is also recognized by the National Science Foundation, where he served as Principal Investigator on an SBIR grant for his novel blood vessel additive manufacturing technology. Committed to advancing the field, Eric is charting a new path for the future of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Joris Peels
Joris Peels
Vice President of Consulting, SmarTech Analysis

Joris Peels

Joris is the Vice President Consulting at SmarTech Analysis where he advises companies on strategy, business development and new applications in 3D printing. He also does due diligence for investors in Additive Manufacturing, writes for 3DPrint.com and is a co-host of the 3DPod, the leading podcast in 3D printing.

Cities have since inception been places of extraordinary invention, innovation, improvisation and creative destruction. A city is a place where people, buildings, roads and neighborhoods reinvent themselves continually. 3D printing can harness and speed up this reinvention and do so while using less material, time and in some cases even money.

Louis Tan
Louis Tan
Commercial & Investment Manager, Innovate 360

Louis Tan

With a background in aerospace engineering, Louis dived into his family's business in seafood trading and distribution in 2016. In the last 7+ years, he led the company through a transformation during Covid-19, from a near shutdown to profitability. Currently at Innovate 360 as the Commercial & Investment Manager, he deals with fund operations including fundraising, deal sourcing and portfolio management. Currently, he is focused on building up the investment pipeline for the Asia Food Sustainability Fund, a US$30m fund investing in early-stage startups. Through his work, he is committed to making a positive impact on societal and environmental challenges.

Mike Kenworthy
Mike Kenworthy
CTO (AM Technologies), Divergent 3D

Mike Kenworthy

Michael Kenworthy is the CTO – AM Technologies at Divergent Technologies. Divergent's multi-material production system technology eliminates tooling and drives radical innovation, capital reduction, and sustainability in vehicle manufacturing. The technology was conclusively demonstrated with the launch of the Czinger Vehicles 21C Hypercar, which contains hundreds of generatively-designed AM components and set the production vehicle track record at Laguna Seca and Circuit of the Americas.

Previously, he was the Chief Engineer of AM at Honeywell Aerospace and Technology Program Leader at GE Aviation. Focusing on disrupting conventional products, he has worked with various novel manufacturing and material technologies that were successfully delivered into series production. He also serves as a Board Director for the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA). Michael earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the MIT and later earned his Master of Engineering from Univ. of Wisconsin – Madison.

Pan Yi Cheng
Pan Yi Cheng
Principle Architect, Type0 Architecture

Pan Yi Cheng

Type0 Architecture is a trans-disciplinary practice focusing on the technological transformation of architecture and the city. Synthesizing the physical, digital and biological spheres of design and technology, Type0 develops novel ideas, methods and systems for a sustainable and innovative production of Architecture.

To fuel this transformation, Pan Yi Cheng has assembled three independent yet synergistic studios - Type0, Produce and Superstructure. Collectively, the studios specialise in the areas of Typological Transformation, Design Research and Digital Fabrication and Assembly respectively; offering an all-rounded approach to address the muti-faceted challenges of the built environment.

Type0 has recently developed a computational urban design system for Singapore’s Paya Lebar Airbase concept masterplan and is presently working on the first Mass Timber house in Singapore. Pan was shortlisted for the President Design Award, Designer of the Year in 2020 and 2022 and was awarded a Letter of Commendation.

Pauline Le Borgne
Pauline Le Borgne
General Manager, Cetim Matcor

Pauline Le Borgne

Pauline graduated from Compiegne University of Technologies in France and Cranfield University in the UK on Mechanical Design and Innovation for Sustainability. She has been working at Cetim since 2011. She first held the position of product (re)design project manager at Cetim for SMEs and large groups in various mechanical fields (offshore wind turbines, Oil and Gas, Energy, Maritime, agricultural machinery, aeronautics, aerospace, fashion and luxury, etc.). After that, she was leading the company's metal additive manufacturing activities. These activities were spread over 3 sites and count 20 people as well as numerous process test resources on physical platforms. She was also in charge of the creation and the operations of Paris Saclay AFH R&D platform and its activities.
She is currently General Manager at Cetim Matcor, the Singaporean subsidiary of Cetim Group. Cetim Matcor is a leading specialist in the fields of Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering, Materials & Corrosion and Asset Integrity Management.

Professor Huang Dejian
Professor Huang Dejian
Co-Founder, Kosmode Health

Professor Huang Dejian

Professor Huang Dejian received a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Chemistry from Fujian Normal University (1987), earning a Master of Science in Organic Chemistry under Tong Linghui from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (1990). Subsequently, he worked as Research Associate at Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry, and completed his Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry under Kenneth G. Caulton from Indiana University in 1999 completing his postdoctoral research experience in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, with Prof. Jackie Y. Ying. He became Acting director of Department of Food Science & Technology Programme, National University of Singapore, 2009-2010 and 2014-2015. He was Senior Principal Investigator National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute (NUSRI), 2013-present. He became Associate Professor, Department of Food Science & Technology, National University of Singapore, 2010-2021 before becoming Professor and deputy head of the FST department in 2022. He has been recognized by Thomson Reuters as Highly Cited Researcher in 2014 and 2015.

Professor Lee Poh Seng
Professor Lee Poh Seng
Founder, CoolestDC

Professor Lee Poh Seng

Dr Lee Poh Seng is an Associate Professor with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Dr Lee’s research interests include high performance cooling techniques, energy efficient air conditioning and low grade waste heat recovery.

He is the recipient of numerous research and innovation awards including 2013 NUS Faculty of Engineering's Young Faculty Research Award, 2011 Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award, 2011 Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit Top 10 Defense Energy Technology Solutions Award and 2009 Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award (TKKYIA) - Defense Science.

Based on Dr Lee’s breakthrough research, he co-founded CoolestDC Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based deep-tech thermal, power, performance and carbon management company specializing in high-performance and efficiency thermal management solutions for electronics industries and data centres. The company leverages on the advantages of additive manufacturing to fabricate its technologies that are not achievable via conventional manufacturing to enhance heat transfer solutions.

Dr Lee also serves as the Program Director of Cooling Energy Science & Technology Singapore (CoolestSG) consortium, Executive Director of Energy Studies Institute (ESI), Co-Director of Singapore Energy Centre (SgEC) and Deputy Director of the Centre for Energy Research & Technology (CERT).

Shaun Wu
Shaun Wu
3D Concrete Printing Specialist, Witteveen+Bos South-East Asia Pte. Ltd

Shaun Wu

Shaun Wu is a trained architect and 3D concrete printing specialist. He focuses on computational design and digital fabrication, implementing algorithmic programming procedures in Architecture, Engineering, and construction, enabling a systematic workflow from parametric design to BIM technology. Since 2018, he has gained ample experience in design and engineering for Singapore's 3D Concrete Printing Research Projects to improve construction productivity and sustainability. He leads the development of software engineering in robotic programs, web applications, and computational algorithms in the Singapore office of Witteveen+Bos South-East Asia.

Simon Klint Bergh
Simon Klint Bergh
Co-founder & Head of Asia Pacific, COBOD

Simon Klint Bergh

Simon holds a Master of Science in Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and has more than 10 years of professional work experience in the Additive Manufacturing industry. Simon is one of the original team members of COBOD International A/S and is now heading the Asia Pacific market for COBOD.

Vincent Pilard
Vincent Pilard
Project Engineer, TAE Technologies

Vincent Pilard

Vincent got his Master in Mechanical Engineering from the National Engineering School of Saint-Etienne (ENISE, France) in 2006 and started to work for the aerospace industry as Design Engineer. In 2009, he joined the Neutral Beam team on the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), the world’s biggest fusion experiment, currently under construction in the south of France. From this experience, he moved in 2011 to Barcelona (Spain) as a Technical Officer at Fusion for Energy (F4E), a joint undertaking of the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom). After nine years of public service and contributions to projects across Europe, mainly to the ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility in Padova (Italy), he decided to return to the private sector and joined TAE Technologies (Irvine, California USA). Currently Project Engineer for the Neutral Beam Systems of the fusion platform Copernicus, he has been also leading the Additive Manufacturing program within the Engineering Team for the past two years.

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