Lighting the Way with Potato Starch: Sustainable Polish ECO Lamps Use 3D Printing


The ECO Lamp introduces a fresh perspective to sustainable lighting design using potato starch.

These lamps are a product of COLORISED, a company dedicated to innovative interior solutions. Collaborating with Poland’s largest chemical brand, Grupa Azoty, Colorised has ventured into the realm of sustainable lighting, focusing on using natural, compostable materials and additive manufacturing.

In this collaboration, Colorised brings its expertise in interior design, while Grupa Azoty provides bioplastics know-how, and GREENFILL3D has its expertise in biodegradable and compostable bioplastics for additive manufacturing. Together, they have developed a lamp made from compostable materials like potato starch, a significant step away from traditional, less eco-friendly materials.

The ECO Lamp embodies artistic design and environmental responsibility, showcasing how everyday objects can be transformed into eco-conscious art pieces.

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