Singapore Institute of Technology

NAMIC [email protected] aims to be the catalyst of transformation to boost participating companies’ competitive strengths through additive manufacturing technology.

Bringing together a team with complementary suite of expertise, skillsets and facilities to support innovations in the following industries.

Built Environment / Construction
Energy Oil & Gas
Space Technology
Land Transport

Providing a wide range of facilities and equipment to accelerate the adoption of Additive Manufacturing across multiple industries.

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Explore the breakthrough of additive manufacturing through constant research & development projects.

Topology and Lattice Optimization of GE bracket design for Additive Manufacturing

The GE bracket challenge uses additive manufacturing as the basis for optimization and aims to achieve a design with the possible lightest weight. The optimized interfaces must withstand the load cases indicated in the application. With topology optimization augmented optimization, 88% of weight reduction was achieved in the simulation environment.

Create Next-Generation Heat Sink Designs Through the Design Freedom of Additive Manufacturing

Heat exchangers are crucial in many heat transfer applications, from cooling electronics to recuperating heat in industrial facilities. However, for many high-performance applications like modern computing, we have reached the limit of what is technically possible using traditional manufacturing methods in terms of heat exchanger efficiency or size. The design freedom brought upon by additive manufacturing technology has broken the design barriers and allows one to create more innovative designs and empowers them to optimize heat exchanger performance.

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