Hyperganic Pte Ltd

Business Nature

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Research & Development
  • Software


  • AM Technology (Software)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Precision Engineering

Country of Operations

  • Singapore

What's Unique

Seamless integration of design, simulation, and manufacturing to achieve designs of unparalleled complexity and performance.

Contact Information

Mr Lau Chiat Siang (Chiat)

Chief Operations Officer

Phone: +65 9221 8721

Address: 80 Bendemeer Road #06-03, Singapore 339949

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hyperganic

Website: https://www.hyperganic.com/

The Company

Revolutionize engineering with radical productivity – Hyperganic transforms the landscape of product development. Our advanced technology empowers engineers to rapidly generate and simulate highly complex designs, expanding the solution space for impactful and efficient outcomes. Seamlessly design, simulate, and soon, manufacture through our user-friendly platform, eliminating the need for multiple tools and manual processes.​​

Hyperganic’s technology is designed to be accessible in various ways – through a graphical interface, a coding environment, and even natural language with our Text-to-3D capabilities. By leveraging these versatile modes of interaction, engineers can unleash their creativity and achieve unprecedented results.​​

What sets Hyperganic apart is the unmatched speed and efficiency of our technological foundations. Powered by proprietary geometry and simulation engines, our platform swiftly processes complex designs. Flexible and customizable algorithms empower engineers with full design freedom. Moreover, our cloud-based approach provides convenience, eliminating the constraints of expensive workstations and operating systems.​​

Catering to original equipment manufacturers and engineering enterprises in automotive, aerospace, bio-medical, and consumer goods industries, Hyperganic pushes the boundaries of design complexity. By streamlining the design, simulation, and manufacturing process, we empower our customers to drive innovation and efficiency with radical productivity.​​

Experience the transformative power of Hyperganic. Join us on the forefront of engineering advancement and unleash the full potential of your product development. Contact us today to embark on a new era of possibilities.

Products & Services

Hyperganic proprietary platform:
End-to-end, accessible, cloud-based engineering tool that closes the product development cycle from design to manufacturing in one seamless environment.



Shape your product with enhanced design flexibility and accelerated iteration cycles empowered by text-to-3D. With material knowledge integrated into a workflow that extends to simulation and manufacturing, achieving validated designs has never been easier.


Optimize your product on a quasi-meshless simulation engine that is up to 80% faster than conventional methods, works with objects of unmatched complexity and a wide range of data formats. All this, packed into a hands-free physics-driven feedback loop.


Materialize your product through a frictionless user experience supported by a connected ecosystem of materials and printers. Now you can assess design feasibility early on and minimize trial-and-error in production.

Unparalleled Control: an object infilled with triply periodic minimal surfaces, morphing gradually from a Gyroid to Fischer-Koch structure.

A heat exchanger with its constituent tubes optimally distributed using the Fibonacci sequence.

A mass-customized orthotic insole generated automatically in Hyperganic.

A mass-customized performance bicycle saddle with modulated 3D Voronoi lattice structure.

A 3D-printed hip implant that was designed based on a seamless mapping of a CT Scan,  and an automated optimization loop between design and simulation.