Intelligent Monitoring System (IMS) for Powder Bed Fusion Process

Key Information

AM Tech
Powder Bed Fusion (PBF)
Aerospace, Automotive
Potential Applications
  • Ideal for operators of powder bed fusion additive manufacturing systems (e.g., service bureaus, equipment owners)
  • Will serve as the basis for standardisation and certification of AM products.

Problem Statement

  • Inconsistencies in quality of built parts is preventing the widespread adoption of PBF, especially in industries where product certification is crucial.
  • Current non-destructive evaluation (NDE) methods are not optimised for AM processes.
  • Determination of optimum process parameters is mainly empirical and varied by different users without a consensus benchmark.
  • Current available monitoring systems are mainly developed for a particular process defect and merely used for observation purposes.


  • To provide a multi-control approach for in-situ observation of a range of process defects in PBF process.
  • To establish the relationships between defect signatures with a quality-control metric of the fabricated products.

Key Benefits/Outcomes

  • Improved print consistency, part quality and reliability.
  • Reduced wastage in materials and time invested by providing real-time feedback on the quality of the part being fabricated.
  • Increase efficiency in manufacturing process, and greater acceptance of PBF parts in industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical
  • Generated 2 publications, 1 technical disclosure and 1 patent