Development of a Portable Laser Metal Deposition System (PLMDS)

Key Information

AM Tech
DED – Portable LMD
Railway, Marine Offshore
Potential Applications
  • A portable LMD system
  • Laser Cladding Repair of Damage Rail Steel On-Site.
  • Potential use for on-site metal additive remanufacturing process for very large parts that cannot be moved or transported to a workshop.
SC3DP (NTU) X SMRT Corporate Lab

Problem Statement

A need for portable laser cladding repair of rail steel pre-qualifications that is able to process recipe for Stellite 6, Inconel 625, 4340 steel and Mn alloy equipped with RoboMaster 3D printing capabilities that can fit within the working space of 1m x 1m x 1m cube.


  • To provide a portable LMD solution
  • To develop on-site metal additive manufacturing solutions
  • 3D printing of near-net shape large parts

Key Benefits/Outcomes

  • Developed portability of Laser-Robot-Controller on Trolley 1.
  • Developed portability of Utility and Power Pack on Trolley for lifting to HIAB Crane Lorry.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform Laser Cladding repair on Rail Steel with stellite 6 and Iconel 625 powder.
  • Developed LMD process recipe for Stellite 6, Inconel 625, 4340 steel and 11%Mn Alloy.