World’s First Bioprinted Trachea Transplant


A research team from the Catholic University of Korea has successfully implanted the world’s first bioprinted artificial trachea into a patient, customised using adult stem cells from another person.

The success of a 3D bioprinted tracheal implant represents a significant step forward, offering new hope for patients with severe and complex tracheal issues.

According to the university, the researchers used discarded human tissues from common procedures like nasal turbinate surgery, often performed to treat symptoms of nasal congestion. These discarded tissues were repurposed as a new source of functional adult stem cells. They also used cartilage cells harvested from discarded human cartilage tissue obtained during nasal septum surgery. These cells were then used to regenerate hyaline cartilage, a type of cartilage found in the respiratory tract, including the trachea. This repurposing of biological materials is a great way of using valuable resources for regenerative medicine and organ repair.

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