Wilhelmsen makes landmark commercial delivery of 3D printed parts to Berge Bulk vessel

Wilhelmsen announced that it has made a landmark commercial delivery of 3D printed scupper plugs to Berge Bulk vessel Berge Mafadi.

There are numerous scupper plugs on a vessel and each drainage hole on the open deck has its own scupper plug. Scupper plugs are used for closing drainage holes to prevent oil spills or other contaminant spills on a ship.

“Spare parts are currently a pain point, and we have trouble with for instance scupper plugs as they are easily stolen for their brass components. They are expensive, and we are constantly needing to replace them. By replacing them with plastic, we are eliminating any possibility of theft, and best of all, we get them on-demand within a short period of time,” said Captain Tarun K Gupta, master of Berge Mafadi.


Source: Seatrade Maritime News

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