Voxeljet and Parastruct Leverage Recycled Construction Waste For Binder Jet 3D Printing

Built Environment

Construction waste could now be a material for binder jet 3D printing!

Voxeljet, a binder jet 3D printer manufacturer and Parastruct GmbH, an Austrian material recycling company, conducted a proof of concept for the use of recycled, biogenic, and mineral waste in binder jet 3D printing.

The results?

The Ecomould material can reportedly help companies achieve these #sustainability goals. The Ecomould emits -108.3kg CO2 per 1 m2 of mold surface, a significantly lower carbon footprint than conventionally manufactured sand-phenolic resin molds.

According to voxeljet, 3D printing with Parastruct material also enables companies to make notable savings by eliminating disposal costs. These costs can be as high as €750-100 per ton for construction waste and €70-180 per ton for wood.

At the end of the product life cycle, Ecomould-produced molds can be shredded and reused as material in 3D printing as part of a circular supply chain. This significantly reduces the material’s carbon footprint.

The two companies will now work to further develop this technology within mold making, including the cold casting of concrete and ceramics and laminating applications.

Read more about the collaboration here.