Surgery Gave Girl With Birth Defect A New Face

According to Neurosurgeon Keith Goh, who performed the surgery on the girl, the brain protruding from her skull has not only deformed her face but also affected her vision.

Did you know 4 Osteopore products were used for the reconstruction. Working with magnifying loupes and micro-instruments, including diathermy pens, Dr Goh performed tiny incisions, before peeling back the scalp to reveal the herniated brain.

Next came the hardest part. He proceeded to remove the abnormal soft tissues that have grown around the herniated brain, making sure not to nick any of the surrounding optic and olfactory nerves.

Then came the repair and reconstruction of the defective skull bones. A combination of resorbable mesh and titanium plates were shaped to cover the front of the skull and screwed down to it – to allow the brain to grow and protect it.

After nearly 6 hours, the neurosurgery procedures were completed and the eye and plastic surgeons took over. The eyelids were reconstructed with skin grafted from her groin. Another 5 hours later, the surgery was done and the girl was finally out of the operating theatre.

Source: The Straits Times

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