SPEAKER INTERVIEW – Sylvia Heisel, Director, HEISEL

  • What does the Future of Manufacturing mean to you and your company?

We are excited about the manufacturing of new products that could not have existed in the past and more efficient and sustainable production methods of the products we already have.


  • Sustainability is the latest buzz word. How is your organization embracing it?

I sincerely hope sustainability is more than a passing fad or buzz word. If our planet is to survive, we need to embrace a more sustainable existence.


  • Industry 4.0 – where is this Revolution leading towards?

Industry exists to serve the wants and needs of people. The revolution in manufacturing enables products to better serve our lives and desires.


  • What are the key factors to consider in adopting technologies to achieve a Digital Manufacturing Environment?

It’s important to look not only at the immediate gains of adopting technologies for digital manufacturing but also to the future. What will the world and the products a company manufactures look like in 5 years, 10 years or 25 years? Which technologies will be obsolete quickly and which ones are essential to moving your business forwards into the future? Will the company survive if it does not enable a digital manufacturing environment?


  • Please share your take on the process and trends of AM Material and importance materials development for AM adoption.

Consumers today are used to having multiple options for any purchase. Additive manufacturing can give consumers a much larger variety of options without the manufacturing limitations of producing each variation at scale as conventional production requires. To do this we need a wider range of materials and the ability to customize material properties.


  • What can be done to further expand the potential of 3D Printing?

We need to nurture and publicize real world commercial success cases. In the fashion industry there is a very high awareness of 3D printing as a buzz word but very little awareness of how it can be used in the apparel manufacturing workflow.