SPEAKER INTERVIEW – Joris Peels, Editor-in-chief, 3Dprint.com

  • What does the Future of Manufacturing mean to you and your company?

It is becoming abundantly clear that we need to retool manufacturing and AM is the technology that can do this.

Additive Manufacturing can unlock a more competitive process, agility and versatility for manufacturers in an increasingly challenging world.


  • Industry 4.0 – where is this Revolution leading towards?

Industry 4.0 will see virtually laborless mass customized products emerge that will conquer profitable niches worldwide.

If we take labor out of the equation, then 4.0 will decide the last place where factories will be built.


  • What are the key factors to consider in adopting technologies to achieve a Digital Manufacturing Environment?

Companies should start with prototypes, tooling and familiarizing themselves with all aspects of the digital toolchain. Organizations often will not have enough AM knowledge, AM training and CAD expertise to adopt AM.

Digital Manufacturing should solve problems for the organization, not just be a trend. Digital should cut costs or make the firm more agile to succeed. There has to be an actual business driver.


  • Please share your take on the process and trends of AM Material and importance materials development for AM adoption.

AM Materials are getting more functional. We’re now seeing AM materials that are manufacturing ready, qualified and predictable.

We’re going from prototyping materials that just look good to materials that have to function in the real world.


  • What can be done to further expand the potential of 3D Printing?

We need one click 3D printing. It is too difficult to 3D print and you should not have to learn much to adopt it.