SPEAKER INTERVIEW – Glen Hinshaw, Director, RESA

  • What does the Future of Manufacturing mean to you and your company?

Manufacturing for the Masses vs Mass Manufacturing is my passion and the key to our future and our customers’ customization demands, needs and urgency related to wearables.


  • Sustainability is the latest buzz word. How is your organization embracing it?

We reduce production waste, reduce shipping, reduce storage and recycle our customers used products so we can reclaim and use their old parts for new products.


  • Industry 4.0 – where is this Revolution leading towards?

Massive savings in labor cost, efficiency, and accuracy, leading to greater convenience to consumers and smarter manufacturing.


  • What are the key factors to consider in adopting technologies to achieve a Digital Manufacturing Environment?

Work flow and output objective.


  • Please share your take on the process and trends of AM Material and importance materials development for AM adoption.

We work to use and develop materials that perform the best for our customers’ ergonomic, bio and wearable needs. We want our materials to be environmentally sustainable and/or reusable.  We believe the material advancements are behind our current material and customers’ needs.


  • What can be done to further expand the potential of 3D Printing?

Innovation and improvement in AM will require more capital and time.