Singapore researchers ink blueprint for 3D-printed organs


The Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP) at Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) joins researchers worldwide to pursue the development of transplantation technology: the on-demand printing of man-made tissues.

The centre’s animal tests found that 3D-printed cells from the centre were able to regenerate into new bones, paving the way for use in humans in the future. The ability to induce bone formation around 3D-printed scaffolds in mice suggests promising potential for human application.

It also launched an official partnership with Singapore General Hospital (SGH) on Dec 4 to advance the use of point-of-care 3D printing in healthcare. It will add to SGH’s 3D printing capabilities, including orthopaedic implants for bones and muscles and surgical tools, to eventually offer patients personalised bio-printed tissues and more complex implants.

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