Researchers Adapting Selective Laser Melting Method

Researchers at Peter the Great St. Petersburg University (SPbPU) and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) are working to refine the selective laser melting method. The aim of their research project is to create functionally graded Inconel 718. Functionally graded means to combine the desired properties of two materials in order to produce an advanced structure. Functionally graded Inconel has significant application for the aerospace industry for its high strength and heat resistance. Vadim Sufiiarov, assistant professor of “Development, technologies and materials in aircraft engine building” at SPbPU, said, “This technology can be used for manufacturing of products operating in extreme conditions, such as high pressure and temperature…Therefore, this development can be applied for manufacturing of gas turbines elements for aviation, energy and marine.” Source: Inside 3D Printing News