Personalized Supplements & Medicines Platform leveraging on 3D Printing Technologies

Craft Health is a Personalized Supplements & Medicines Platform, leveraging on 3D Printing Technologies. The company’s vision is to simplify the process of pill taking for consumers or patients.

Craft Health is one of the NAMIC supported startups. The Co-founder, Dr Goh Wei Jiang said, “We have received a $58,000 NAMIC proof of concept fund to cover the cost of product testing and verification”.

The Global Additive Manufacturing Summit 2019 organized by NAMIC, was held last month at the 2nd Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific (ITAP) Exhibition. NAMIC had invited international additive manufacturing companies around the world to showcase their latest 3D printing technology. Craft Health was one of the exhibitors at the event.

Source: zaobaosg