NIH Funds $6.25 Million Center to Research Bioprinting and Fabrication of Complex Tissues

The National Institutes of Health biomedical research organization is providing $6.25 million to fund a Centre for Engineering Complex Tissues in Houston, Texas. The core of the Centre’s efforts will be 3D printing and bioprinting–all moving towards the fabrication and replacement of human organs suitable for transplant. The investment is to be distributed over the course of 5 years, from 2017 – 2022. Rice University, Texas, the University of Maryland, and Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina are all partners of the centre. The University of Maryland will specialise in 3D printed bioreactors for cell cultures. Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine will focus on 3D bioprinting “patterning for cell-laden constructs” which includes development of inks containing live cells for direct 3D printing. Rice University will address 3D bioprinting of scaffold structures that mimic the natural shape of tissues in the body. Source: Inside 3D Printing News