MAN Truck & Bus Drives Forward With 3D Printed Spare Parts Evolution

Urban Mobility

Global transport company MAN Truck & Bus (MAN) has integrated Replique’s 3D printing technology into its spare parts production strategy.

The unavailability of the conventional casting mould for its bronze manifolds expedited MAN’s Additive Manufacturing journey. Recognising the time and cost intensity of traditional procurement methods involving model creation, casting, and machining, MAN sought a more efficient solution, leading to a partnership with Replique.

Utilising AM technology, MAN and Replique successfully reproduced the bronze manifolds in original quality with a 3D model and a manufacturing drawing. The entire production, from inquiry to the delivery of ready-to-install parts, took about 7 weeks. Subsequent tests at MAN’s Central Material Technology department revealed the chosen material exhibited superior technical properties compared to the original.

The digital availability of a qualified print file for this specific component ensures that the manifolds can be reordered at any time with consistent quality. MAN incurs no fixed costs for moulds and models or storage costs, providing an economically feasible solution for small quantities.

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