Local Motors & MakerBot Demo 3D-Printed, Autonomous Bus Olli

Olli is the autonomous, 3D printed, electric bus introduced by Local Motors. Local Motors has revealed more information on how they’ve used 3D printing, why they’ve used 3D printing, and the impact it has had. Local Motors is 3D printing technology from MakerBot, the desktop brand owned by Stratasys. The aesthetics and functions of Olli are that of a more modern, smarter vehicle than typical buses because of 3D printed components. Since Olli’s launch, it has been most notably welcomed in the German capital of Berlin. The Euref Campus took an Olli vehicle on in January to transport workers around the large campus, and Deutsche Bahn and Innoz have also been testing its uses. Local Motors believes a transportation system like Olli is long overdue, and is looking forward to accelerating the adoption of the self-driving vehicle. Travelling at high speeds of around 25mph, it’s akin to buses that transport people across airport runways Source: Inside 3D Printing News