ISO/ASTM 52939:2023 Additive Manufacturing for Construction — Qualification Principles — Structural and Infrastructure Elements

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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recently published ISO/ASTM 52939:2023.

Titled “Additive manufacturing for construction — Qualification principles — Structural and infrastructure elements,” this standard aims to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency within the 3D printing construction industry.

This newly published standard specifies quality assurance requirements for additive manufacturing in construction. According to the ISO, risk mitigation, approval, and certification for additive construction is unattainable without the necessary ISO/ASTM standards. These recently published requirements are independent of material, and do not apply to metals.

The document specifies the criteria for 3D printing construction processes, quality-relevant characteristics, and factors associated with additive manufacturing construction operations. Significant steps relating to additive construction processes are specified in the document. A locally certified engineer must control and monitor these steps to ensure high-quality 3D-printed structures.

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