Formula 1 Team Adopts Roboze 3D Printed Composites


The Visa Cash App RB F1 Team team has entered into a technical partnership with Roboze to produce end-use parts for its single-seaters with the aim to reduce weight and create parts with geometries that are impossible with other techniques.

Roboze is known for its 3D printing of high-performance composite materials that are capable of replacing metal components. This collaboration is said to mark the beginning of a new chapter in the use of advanced materials for the production of critical components for racing vehicles.

“The ability to use materials like carbon [fiber] PEEK allows us not only to optimize the weight and strength of our vehicles but also to significantly accelerate our development and innovation cycles, keeping us one step ahead of the competition,” says Stefano Natali, Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team director of production.

Read more about the partnership here.