Food Scientists Assess 3D-Printed Cheese Characteristics Versus Original Cheese

A recent study conducted by scientists at the University College, Cork in Ireland, tested whether the 3D printing process would have an impact on the texture of melted-down, processed cheese. They began by creating the cheese using the printer, and then comparing it to its original form. “To the authors’ knowledge, no studies have focused upon the impact of additive manufacturing methodologies on the structural properties of dairy products,” the scientists explained in the study, which was published in the Journal of Food Engineering. The scientists examined the 3D printed cheese in relation to processed cheese in two states: one sample that had been melted and cooled on its own sans printer, and one sample of the initial, unchanged processed cheese. In relation to the untouched cheese, the 3D cheese was 45 percent to 49 percent softer, slightly darker in colour, and a little more fluid when melted. Source: Inside 3D Printing News