Craft Health Secures Pre-Series A2 Funding to Revolutionize Compounding Pharmacy with 3D Printing Technology

SINGAPORE — Craft Health, a pioneer in the healthcare industry specializing in the automation of mass customization through its cutting-edge 3D printing platform, today announced the successful close of its Pre-Series A2 funding round. Valuence Ventures led the round with significant participation from Mistletoe Singapore, an existing investor, and an angel investor. This latest funding underscores the confidence investors have in Craft Health’s vision to revolutionize compounding pharmacy on a global scale.

The fresh capital will expedite Craft Health’s commercial trajectory by further developing its proprietary 3D printing platform designed to streamline and automate the mass customization of pharmaceuticals. By harnessing the power of its 3D printing platform, Craft Health aims to introduce unprecedented levels of efficiency, precision, and customization to the compounding pharmacy sector, meeting the unique needs of patients with tailored medication solutions.

“We are delighted to bolster our investor base with partners who share our deep-tech vision and can impart their wealth of knowledge, experience, and network to scale Craft Health. This round of funding will fine-tune our commercialization strategy, refine our product offerings, and set the stage for our anticipated Series A” said Dr Goh Wei Jiang, co-founder and CEO of Craft Health.

“We are thrilled to announce our investment in Craft Health, a pioneer in leveraging 3D printing technology for compounding pharmacy. Craft Health’s innovative approach aligns perfectly with our mission to support ventures that redefine industries and improve lives. We are confident in their potential to revolutionize personalized medicine and look forward to their continued growth and success in transforming patient care globally.” said Dr. Gene Cho, a General Partner of Valuence Ventures. “Craft Health’s innovative use of 3D printing technology in compounding pharmacy not only positions the company at the forefront of healthcare innovation but also aligns perfectly with our investment strategy of supporting ventures that are poised for significant impact and growth. We are confident in Craft Health’s vision and their ability to lead a new era in personalized medicine, especially in the area of advanced materials innovation.”

Mistletoe Singapore also expressed strong support for Craft Health’s mission and its recent funding success. “Having supported Craft Health from its early stages, we have witnessed first-hand the dedication and innovation that the team brings to the healthcare industry. This additional funding will undoubtedly propel the company towards achieving its commercial goals, and we are excited to continue our journey with Craft Health as it endeavours to revolutionize the way pharmaceuticals are customized and dispensed.” Added Mr Atsushi Taira, Managing Director of Mistletoe Singapore.

Since 2019, Craft Health has developed an end-to-end 3D printing platform for nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, integrating the 3D printer (CraftMake™), 3D printing software (CraftControl™), 3D printable formulations (CraftBlends™) and one of the world’s first semi-solid paste extrusion-based 3D printing database for oral dosage forms (CraftDatabase™). Craft Health’s technology platform is based on the heat and ultraviolet light (UV) light free semi-solid paste extrusion technique and can incorporate a wide variety of active ingredients from small molecules to biological molecules. Craft Health has since commercialized its 3D printing platform, working with compounding pharmacies, academics, nutraceutical start-ups and MNCs.

Craft Health’s commitment to innovation in healthcare through its 3D printing platform represents a significant leap forward in making personalized medicine more accessible and effective for patients worldwide. With this new round of funding, Craft Health is poised to make substantial advancements in the commercialization of its technology, setting a new standard for precision and patient-centred care in the pharmaceutical industry.

About Craft Health

Craft Health is a healthcare innovation company based in Singapore, focusing on the development of a proprietary 3D printing platform for the compounding pharmacy sector. By automating mass customization, Craft Health aims to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry, offering personalized medication solutions that cater to the unique needs of individual patients, by utilizing its Craft Health 3D printing platform, with its proprietary 3D printer (CraftMake™), 3D printing software (CraftControl™), 3D printable materials with controlled release profiles (CraftBlends™) and its proprietary 3D printable formulation database (CraftDatabase™). For more information about Craft Health and its vision for the future of automating mass customization, visit www.crafthealth.me.

About Valuence Ventures

Valuence Ventures is a venture capital firm dedicated to empowering founders at the forefront of advanced materials and deep-tech innovation. By focusing on startups that present transformative solutions to pressing market challenges, Valuence Ventures is dedicated to accelerating the development and growth of groundbreaking technologies in the cleantech and biotech sectors. With a strategic MOU with the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), Valuence Ventures is committed to investing in and nurturing innovation within Singapore’s dynamic ecosystem. For more information about Valuence Ventures, visit www.valuence.vc.

About Mistletoe Singapore

Mistletoe Singapore is an investment firm dedicated to fostering the growth of startups with the potential to make a positive impact on society. By providing capital, strategic advice, and operational support, Mistletoe Singapore partners with entrepreneurs to help them scale their ventures and achieve sustainable success. For more information about Mistletoe Singapore, visit www.mistletoe.co/

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