Caterpillar Partnering with Heart Surgeons to Design 3D-Printed Hearts for Surgery Planning

Caterpillar Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of earthmoving equipment teamed up with OSF HealthCare to design successful 3D printed hearts. The concept of 3D representations of a patient’s organs and advanced visualization is so new to medicine that no framework exists. Illinois-based OSF HealthCare and Caterpillar Inc. in Mossville laid the foundation for modelling an individual’s anatomy before a recent surgery, helping the surgeons to successfully operate. “To get the full capability of a 3D printer, you have to have to have engineers who know how to use it. And so many 3D printers that have popped up, don’t,” said Dr. Bramlet. “There’s no doubt in my mind that the models we’re getting from Caterpillar’s lab are top-notch, because you don’t just have a printer. Your engineers are top-notch and you have quality. That’s remarkably demonstrated when we get a model back.”