A new hope of life with Unlimited Tomorrow

Unlimited Tomorrow: 3D printed prosthetic limbs, TrueLimb, opens new world for users with ability to control limb with one’s mind. Limbs are customised to look real, while costing a fraction of most prosthetic limbs.

The prosthetic arm, one of the product launched under the TrueLimb category’s line, which looks and feels very real, uses sensors to read muscles at high resolutions and can be controlled with the mind.

“Our device is controlled using muscles within the residual limb. Some of our sockets might have over 20 muscle sensors within it. Our control system is built around the brain being the main processor instead of trying to replicate it and make assumptions,” Easton LaChappelle, Founder of Unlimited Tomorrow sai.d

“After enough training, you start to focus on hand movement instead of muscle movement… we decipher the user’s intent and translate that into hand movements.”

The prosthetic is customized to match the user’s shape, size and skin tone. The limb feels like skin, and the fingers fold the way a human hand does. It even features veins, wrinkles and fingernails that can be painted.

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