3D Systems Offering Scalable 3D Printing System for Manufacturing

3D Systems has announced the industry’s first modular, scalable and fully-integrated additive manufacturing platform. 3D Systems’ disruptive Figure 4 production platform produces plastic parts more than 50 times faster than current systems, delivering dramatically lower total cost of operations while offering competitive and compelling comparisons to conventional methods. The company recently shipped the first system to a Fortune 50 industrial customer, and plans to ramp customer-specific shipments throughout the second half of 2017. “The system is an ultra-fast scalable platform working across verticals – aerospace, automotive, healthcare, dental and durable goods,” Vyomesh Joshi, president and CEO of 3D Systems says. “It’s configurable for different applications. One of the first markets that 3D Systems is targeting with its new system is dentistry. Source: Inside 3D Printing News