3D Printed Earbuds Provide a Fashionable Fix for Hearing Loss

Many people who would benefit from hearing aids choose not to wear them for a number of reasons, such as discomfort, the out of place appearance, and the social stigma behind them. Parry hopes her design will help innovate the look of hearing devices, giving people an option that they feel comfortable wearing.

The HeX Earbuds have a sleek hexagonal design that evokes a natural multi-directional hearing experience while also offering a fashionable look. Furthermore, 3D printing makes it easy to customize silicone buds so that they comfortably fit any ear shape or size.

To remove the social barriers surrounding hearing adds, Master’s student Elen Parry has added some useful features to her earbuds, such as the ability to stream music and receive phone calls. She used infrared, embedded Bluetooth, and motion technology to integrate these elements into the product design. As a result, users who don’t require hearing aids will also be able to enjoy these 3D printed earbuds.

Source: All3DP News

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