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The DFAMC aims to foster, develop and promote the adoption of additive manufacturing technology, also known as 3D printing technology, through design innovation, application projects and capabilities development, relevant to industry’s needs. It also participates in teaching and learning activities in providing the necessary expertise and platforms.

Bringing together a team with complementary suite of expertise, skillsets and facilities to support innovations in the following industries.

Built Environment / Construction

Providing a wide range of facilities and equipment to accelerate the adoption of Additive Manufacturing across multiple industries.

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Explore the breakthrough of additive manufacturing through constant research & development projects.

Development of a Novel Methodology to Overcome Support Issues in Selective Laser Melting

This project aims to develop a soft support system that can be removed by means of sandblasting, instead of using tools such as a chisel or a hammer in areas with little or no access. At locations where the part features large cross-sectional areas such as the one shown in the picture, the hard support system will be applied. In easy access areas, hard or soft supports may be applied, depending on the part feature. In essence, this hybrid system of hard and soft supports can be applied to manufacture a part successfully, without any design constraints. The development of this solution reflects the true advantage of the metal powder bed fusion technology, ie., design freedom.

Development of Additive Manufacture Plan for Dental Prosthesis

The objective of this project is to reduce manual operations in dental lab manufacturing. The picture demonstrates the product of cobalt chrome coping and porcelain fused to CoCr dental crowns manufactured using 3D printing technology.

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