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The NUS Centre for Additive Manufacturing (AM.NUS) leverages the National University of Singapore (NUS)’s world-class faculties, expertise and advanced capabilities in 3D printing technology, to bring innovative products to the market.

AM.NUS is the only multi-disciplinary Additive Manufacturing (AM) centre in an Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore which comprises the following Faculties (Medicine, Science, Dentistry and Design & Engineering). The Centre is supported both internally by NUS and externally by National Additive Manufacturing Cluster (NAMIC) and Singapore Economic Development Board.

Bringing together a multi-disciplinary expertise through the collaboration between various schools and faculties in the following industries.

Built Environment / Construction

Providing a wide range of facilities and equipment to accelerate the adoption of Additive Manufacturing across multiple industries.

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Explore the breakthrough of additive manufacturing through constant research & development projects.

Development of Wearable Circuits for Passive and Non-Invasive Healthcare Monitoring

Most of the current foetal heart rate monitoring devices are fabricated with hard materials that often discomfort the users. Furthermore, due to its rigid and bulky nature, it cannot be used for a long period of monitoring, nor can it conform to users of various sizes. Objectives are to examine soft biocompatible materials for the substrate, electrodes, and circuit, to develop a 3D printing wearable circuit which can effectively connect the electronic components, and to fabricate a functional prototype of the proposed wearable device.

3D Printing of Nitinol (NiTi) Stents for Medical Applications

An adventure of 3D printing of Nitinol stent started in 2018 under a collaborative project between AM.NUS and Interplex Precision Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd. This project aims to design and develop superior Nitinol stents using SLM technology that could meet medical requirements. The relationship between the 3D printing process (including powder preparation and post-process heat treatment) and Nitinol properties/microstructures are also being investigated.

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