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NAMIC Hub @ NTU also known as Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP) drives research development and industry adoption of additive manufacturing technology through collaborative projects with leading industry partners, and with schools and research centres within and beyond NTU.

SC3DP has identified the following key industry areas that would benefit from the introduction of new capabilities and know how, and works closely with the respective industry partners on their specific needs.

Aerospace & Defence
Marine & Offshore
Building & Construction
Energy Technology

Providing a comprehensive suite of integrated end-to-end additive manufacturing facilities for the research innovation of industry-ready solutions.

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Explore the breakthrough of additive manufacturing through constant research & development projects.

Hybrid 3D Printing and Design Optimized Multifunctional Safety Cage for Drone

The ability to design and fabricate lightweight structure is one of the most important aspect for building a drone system. Often, connecting wires are used on the drone system for powering and signal transmission at the expense of the drone’s weight. In this project, we explore the design and fabrication of a safety cage for drone using design optimization and 3D printing. A hybrid 3D printing process is proposed for the fabrication of lightweight multifunctional structure with printed circuit for a drone safety cage. The safety cage is designed in such a way that maximizes the production efficiency of 3D printing processes. In addition, aerosol jet printing is used to fabricate conformal circuit onto the 3D printed safety cage structure to replace the conventional connecting wires for weight saving purpose. Lastly, an electrical characterization is conducted to investigate the functionality of the printed conductive traces on the safety cage.

Development of 3D printing of recycled glass

The inclusion of waste glass in landfill poses a global environmental due to the non-biodegradable nature of the glass material. Recycling the waste glass provides an innovative solution by recovering a major portion of the glass waste previously destined for landfill and converting it to clean, sized glass sand/powder. 3D concrete printing (3DCP) has been gaining attention in the building and construction industry in the past few years. This technology can increase construction productivity, save material and energy usage, and enable design toward structural optimization. The Building and Construction Group of SC3DP has developed a commercially viable 3D concrete printing media with recycled glass sand/powder as one of the main composites. This novel solution would help to improve the sustainability of the construction industry further.

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