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The Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC) is a Centre of Excellence for Additive Manufacturing Technology & Design Innovations set-up jointly by EDB and NYP and located at Nanyang Polytechnic. The strategic intents of AMIC is to support the national AM initiatives to drive greater industry AM adoption and develop core capabilities in Design for AM optimization & process innovation, besides supporting the needs of NYP’s PET and CET programmes.

It also provides co-creation, collaboration and project incubation services for industry and conducts regular sharing sessions, clinics, etc.

Bringing together a team of experienced and competent professional Senior Lecturers, Development Engineers and Development Technologists in various technological areas to tackle industry challenges and needs in the following industries.

Energy Oil & Gas

Providing a wide range of facilities and equipment to accelerate the adoption of Additive Manufacturing across multiple industries.

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Explore the breakthrough of additive manufacturing through constant research & development projects.

Automated Conformal Cooling Design and Optimization

This project is a development of software product and solution for automatic design and optimization of conformal cooling channels, which incorporates dynamic thermal analysis and assessment in a single system. The software could automatically Design and Optimize Conformal Cooling channels. As this software comes with a real-time dynamic thermal analysis, hot spots can be easily identified and corrected. It enhances the manufacturing productivity by improving part quality, reducing design lead time and tooling verification time. The solution also minimizes the dependence on human knowledge capital and solve the manpower intensive process in developing rapid tooling with conformal cooling.

WSQ Specialist Diploma in Precision Engineering (Additive Manufacturing)

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Deep Dive into 3D Printing

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Anatomical Modelling and Engineering in Medical 3D Printing

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