Additive Innovation Centre

More than an equipment resource, Additive Innovation Centre (AIC) is a research and development hub of additive manufacturing technologies and innovations, making complexities and functionalities of the future possible today.

AIC is hosted by SIMTech, a research institute of A*STAR that develops targeted high-value advanced manufacturing technologie, systems, and capabilities. SIMTech has a strong history of industry partnerships for commercial applications and knowledge transfer to nuture the industry’s human capital. Through strong collaboration between A*STAR research institutes, AIC is an industry go-to for the top researchers, facilities, equipment, and capabilities in additive manufacturing.

AIC provides integrated end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions for industry partners, and is a one-stop hub for collaboration and the co-creation and co-innovation of industry-ready solutions, to accelerate the translation of high-value additive manufacturing technologies to business outcomes.

A strong history of industry partnerships and engagements through SME platform technologies to uplift and upscale the local manufacturing industry. AIC significant joint lab partnerships with LLEs and MNCs have also seen the synergistic development and innovation of solutions to address industry problem statements and advance additive manufacturing capabilities, in the following industries.

Energy Oil & Gas
Precision Engineering

Providing a wide range of facilities and equipment to accelerate the adoption of Additive Manufacturing across multiple industries.

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