A survey by Wohlers Associates revealed that Aerospace applications make up one of the leading industry sectors served by 3D printing companies. Applications in Aerospace is seeing growth due to the demand for lightweight parts and components made possible with additive manufacturing. In recent years, we see disruption in the space industry brought about new technologies including non-traditional hybrid propulsion engines and 3D printed rockets. Meanwhile, the aviation industry has seen an increasing number of qualifications for 3D printed materials and components.

With this growth in the industry, this webinar will see 3D printing experts coming together to dive into the transformative role of additive manufacturing in Aerospace including benefits, successful use cases with increasing adoption in critical aerospace components, and challenges faced in adopting the technology.

Panel discussion topic: Disruption and Growth with Additive Manufacturing – What does this mean for the Aerospace industry in the next decade?


Date: 28 April 2022

Time: 9am-11am India Time / 11.30am-1.30pm Singapore Time

Location: Virtual Webinar