As the global need to innovate and to sustainably feed our planet becomes an imperative, science and technology will be essential in helping to solve this global food challenge. And one of these solutions could be with 3D printing technology, which is not new, though it is usually associated with creating materials to build cars, planes and houses. But after Russian cosmonauts printed meat in space — showing how useful the applications of 3D printing can be — food printing has gained traction.

In this session, join our panellists as they discuss the world of food printing and how printed meals may become the future of food.

Date: 21 October 2020, Wednesday

Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm (Singapore Time / UTC +8)


4:00pm – 4:05pm: Introduction and Welcome

4:05pm – 4:40pm: Panel Discussion on The Future of Food: Printed Meals with

Elzelinde van Doleweerd, Creative Director and Founder, Upprinting Food

Dr Lee Mun Wai, Senior Technical Lead – FMCG Cluster, Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) at A*STAR

Anirudh Agarwal, Founder, Anrich3D

Moderator: Michael Petch, Editor-in-Chief, 3D Printing Industry

4:40pm – 5:00pm: Question & Answer

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