Most manufacturers realize the potential of industrial 3DP for end-use parts, but they find it difficult to fully utilize the advantages and capabilities of the technology. Their main problem is not having enough information and in-house expertise to use 3D printing to generate cost savings.

CASTOR serves as manufacturers’ gateway to 3D printing, by automating the time-consuming process of screening parts that are suitable for 3DP and by offering a wide range of advanced capabilities.

In this panel we will discuss:

  • What are the main challenges that manufacturers are facing when using 3D printing
  • Why it is so important to identify the right parts for 3D printing
  • How can software automatically solve these companies’ challenges

And, we will demonstrate with real case studies and a live Q&A session

DATE: 25 January 2022

TIME: 4pm to 5pm SGT (GMT+8)


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4.00pm Brief introduction on AM and Challenges in Parts Identification + Open Grant Call by Marc Lee, Head of IP/Commercialisation, NAMIC
4.10pm Challenges of identifying parts for AM: Geometry, Materials, and Economics by Omer Blaier, CEO, CASTOR
4.20pm Panel Discussion + Q&A


  1. Omer Blaier, CEO, CASTOR
  2. Jason Joo, Regional Sales Director, Additive 3D Asia
  3. Boris Belocon, Innovative Solution R&D Leader, Stratasys

Moderator: Marc Lee, Head of IP/Commercialisation, NAMIC

4.50pm Castor Software Demo by Omer Blaier, CEO, CASTOR
5.00pm Closing
5.05pm Breakout Room – Personalised Software Demos & Consultation with CASTOR Representatives