NAMIC x SGInnovate: The Future of Additive Manufacturing

09 March 2021

  • According to the White Paper by the World Economic Forum in 2020, additive manufacturing or 3D Printing is a new and growing area that deserves the attention of business leaders and policy-makers. Singapore has since been at the forefront of investing in this new technology to drive the goal of being a leading Advanced Manufacturing Hub within the ASEAN region.

    Mass adoption of additive manufacturing will not only disrupt markets but will be a significant contributor to the transformation to Industry 4.0 as well. Not only will it drive transformational growth within organisations, but innovations enabled by such exponential technologies can also help manufacturers grow faster and be more agile in unlocking new forms of value such as lower prototyping costs, higher degrees of customization, reduced manpower costs and more flexible R&D.

    In this webinar, our speakers will share their perspectives on the future of additive manufacturing across. Join us to learn more about how such an exponential technology could potentially change the lives of many in the manufacturing industry.

    10:00am – 10:05am: Opening Remarks by SGInnovate and NAMIC
    10:05am – 11:00am: Panel Discussion and Q&A

    • Sam Onukuri, Head and Senior Fellow, Johnson & Johnson
    • Dan Braley, Associate Technical Fellow & AM Focal, Boeing Global Services
    • Abhinav Singhal, Chief Strategy Officer – APAC, ThyssenKrupp

    Click on this link to register.