NAMIC x SGInnovate: Additive Food Manufacturing for Personalised Meals

24 August 2021

3D food printing is an innovative way of manufacturing food products through an automated additive process. Typically, 3D printed food requires paste-like inputs such as purées, and similar to FDM printing, these feedstocks are deposited onto a surface to create a final food product, ready for consumption. This process is known as material extrusion, one of the most common processes for 3D food printing.

The use of 3D food printing technologies enables customisation of the food’s colour, texture and flavour, to replicate actual food and most importantly, the ability to customize nutrients. By being able to customise essential food nutrients, it is foreseeable that food 3D printing will become a valuable technology in the healthcare and elder care sector.

In this session, we dive deeper into 3D printing applications in AgriFood, such as how 3D-printed food could be the next frontier in healthcare and sustainability efforts. Join the conversation with 3D food experts to learn more about the technology, and how it can be used for personalisation to meet nutritional needs of end-users, some of whom includes dysphagia patients and the elderly.

Co-organised by SGInnovate and NAMIC

Date: 24 Aug 2021, Tuesday

Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm (Singapore Time)



  • Mr Colin Lim, Deputy Director, Future Ready Food Safety Hub (FRESH)
  • Ms Lynette Kucsma, Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Natural Machines
  • Ms Carolyn Stephen, Nutritionist, Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC), Singapore Polytechnic
  • Moderator: Ms Suchitra Narayan, Director – Venture Building, SGInnovate