NAMIC Virtual Summit 2021: Staying Ahead of the Curve with AM for the Transport Industry

29 July 2021

  • NAMIC Virtual Summit 2021: Staying Ahead of the Curve with AM for the Transport Industry

    NAMIC is Singapore’s national AM platform for catalyzing innovation and scaling industrial adoption of additive manufacturing technologies.

    As part of our Global AM Summit Series and riding on the success of the previous NAMIC Virtual Summit Series on the Built Environment, NAMIC is excited to unveil the next edition of the series where we have a diverse line-up of global thought-leaders from Hyundai Motor Group, Daimler Truck AG, Mobility Goes Additive, Additive Flight Solutions and APWORKS amongst others.

    The summit will explore the up-and-coming innovations in the Land Transport sector, derived from cutting-edge Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies which are driving the transformation of urban mobility today.

    The format of the summit will involve a 15-min presentation by the speakers, before ending with a joint panel discussion and Q&A session. With groundbreaking content from our inspirational speakers who will be sharing their expertise in 3D printing, we hope to set the wheels in motion for local and regional enterprises to begin innovating with AM.


    • Mr Helge Schneevogt, Project Manager Sustainability & Technology, Mobility Goes Additive


    • Mr Daniel Kluth, Procurement Manager 3D Printing,  Daimler Truck AG
    • Mr Janis Kretz, Digital Supply Chain Manager 3D Printing, Daimler Truck AG
    • Mr John Suh, Founding Director, New Horizons Studio | Vice President, Hyundai Motor Group
    • Mr Stefan Roeding, Deputy General Manager, Additive Flight Solutions
    • Mr Jonathan Meyer, Chief Product Officer, APWORKS


    • Mr Joris Peels,Vice President of Consulting, SmarTech Analysis


  • Time Programme
    03:25 pm

    Panel Discussion

    Moderator: Mr Joris Peels, Vice President of Consulting, SmarTech Analysis