NAMIC 4th AM Summit Series – Emerging Applications Summit

07 November 2017

  • Contributing to Singapore’s Manufacturing Future through AM

    Supported by the National Research Foundation and in partnership with the SPRING Singapore and Economic Development Board, NAMIC is organising a series of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Summits targeting the following core industries:

    • Precision Engineering  23 Jan 2017
    • Aerospace  6 Apr 2017
    • Healthcare  21 July 2017
    • Emerging Applications  7 Nov 2017

    Intended to bring together high-level decision makers, AM practitioners, regulators and investors, the summits aim to bring to the forefront latest AM developments from around the world, as well as help make sense of how Singapore will play in this “new industrial revolution”.

    Through this multi-pronged approach, NAMIC aims to create a social and economic impact in Singapore, seeding capabilities and positioning Singapore for the future in anticipation of Industry 4.0 and the era of digital manufacturing.

    Emerging Applications Summit

    NAMIC AM Series’ Emerging Applications Summit on 7 November 2017

    From across the emerging applications ecosystem, over 300 delegates will gather to discuss the role 3D printing is playing  in emerging applications.

    The 3 key themes to be explored at the summit include:

    • AM in the Building and Construction Industry
    • Product and Industrial design innovation through AM
    • Food Technology : Printing tomorrow’s food


    • Developing a collaborative and innovative ecosystem for Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Singapore
    • Showcasing the state of technology, latest trends and practices for AM in emerging applications
    • Addressing the barriers to AM adoption; Providing access to AM technologies, knowledge, infrastructure and developmental funding
    • Supporting start-ups and companies harnessing AM technologies in emerging applications

    Who to Attend?

    • Company Decision Makers
    • AM Practitioners, Solution Providers
    • Industry OEMs

    Job Functions

    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Additive Layer Manufacturing
    • 3D Printing
    • Manufacturing
    • Engineering
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Future Manufacturing
    • Digital Manufacturing
    • Business Development
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Software/Engineering design
    • R&D
    • Strategy/Partnership
    • Materials and Manufacturing Technology
    • Regulations
    • Quality Control
    • Consulting
    • Supply Chain

    What to Expect

    • Understanding the Capabilities and Commercial benefits of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and How it is Opening New Applications and Markets
    • How AM can revolutionise Sustainable Design
    • AM in Construction Technology producing innovative solutions:
      • Building affordable houses with AM
      • The world’s first 3D printed office of the future
      • How AM will change the landscape of architecture and construction
    • How AM can impact Product and Industrial Design :
      • The voice of AM in the consumer goods industry
      • AM paves way customised wearables and devices
      • How can AM tackle industrial supply chain challenges
    • Tomorrow’s Food through AM:
      • How can AM reduce waste and reduce processing costs
      • The importance of food materials used in AM
      • Will AM be a disruptor or will remain just a novelty in the food industry

    Conference Venue

    Raffles City Convention Centre

    Raffles City Convention is centrally located in the heart of the city. With the state-of-the-art facilities such as comet stations and a satellite conference system, it offers a Seamless approach to technology to support to the conference