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Contributing to Singapore’s Manufacturing Future through AM

Supported by the National Research Foundation and in partnership with the SPRING Singapore and Economic Development Board, NAMIC is organising a series of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Summits targeting the following core industries:

  •  Precision Engineering
  •  Aerospace/ Defence
  •  Health Science
  •  Emerging Applications
  •  Marine Offshore/ Oil & Gas

Intended to bring together high-level decision makers, AM practitioners, regulators and investors. The summits aim to bring to the forefront latest AM developments from around the world, as well as help make sense of how Singapore will play in this “new industrial revolution”.

Precision Engineering Summit

Monday, 23 January 2017, The Pan Pacific Singapore

Precision engineering sector in Singapore, with over 2700 firms, is one of the largest segment of the manufacturing industry with significant contributions to core segments like aerospace, MRO, oil & gas, offshore & marine and semiconductor manufacturing. With unique demands for very low manufacturing tolerances, low volume and higher value for their outputs, precision engineering industry is an ideal candidate to integrate additive manufacturing.

NAMIC AM Series’ Precision Engineering Summit on 23 January 2017 will bring together 250+ high-level decision makers, MNC manufacturing firms, regulators and investors.

Through ROI Case studies, technology highlights, panel discussions, round table debates and AM Entrepreneur showcases – the event will provide the latest AM developments from around the world, as well as feature Singapore’s capabilities in this new industrial revolution.

Who Should Attend?

Job Title

  • Head
  • Lead
  • Director
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Manager
  • General Manager


  • Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Printing
  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Future Manufacturing
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Industry Verticals

  • Aerospace companies
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • Precision Engineering companies
  • Component Manufacturers
  • Oil & Gas manufacturers
  • Offshore and Marine contractors
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Firms
  • Medical equipment and component manufacturers

Are You A Precision Engineering Firm?

Following are the outcomes you can expect at the event:

  • Understanding the value proposition for integrating AM into your manufacturing
  • Learning the cost effective translational research in Singapore and its commercial benefits for your productivity
  • Partnering with government agencies, IHLs, AM firms to improve efficiency in AM integration
  • Getting seed project co-funding for AM initiatives
  • Adopting AM technology with minimal or no risk


Conference Venue

The Pan Pacific Singapore, Ballroom
A resplendent setting featuring state-of-the-art technology and facilities which will elevate your business event with the presence it deserves.


Time Programme
08:00 am

Morning Coffee & Tea & Registration

08:45 am

Guests to Be Seated

09:00 am

Opening Remarks by Session Chair

Ong Ken Lip, Business Development & Strategic Partnership Director, NAMIC

09:10 am

Welcome Address

Dr Lim Jui, Chief Executive Officer, NTUitive

09:20 am

Introduction to NAMIC

Dr Ho Chaw Sing, Managing Director, NAMIC

09:30 am

Opening Speech by Guest of Honour

Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Trade & Industry (Industry)

10:00 am

The Road Ahead for Manufacturing in Singapore: Advanced Manufacturing, Digital Factory and AM’s Role

  • Global AM practices and implications for Singapore
  • How should AM impact your company’s go-to-market strategy?
  • Identifying and maximizing value capture from AM
  • Sustainable AM Business models relevant for PE companies

David Garcia, Principal, A.T. Kearney

10:30 am

Morning Networking Coffee Break

10:55 am

Session Chair Remarks

Dr See Kwang Seng, General Manager, Poly Projects Sdn Bhd

11:00 am

Panel Discussion 1: Collaborative Approaches in Developing Precision Engineering Industry and Auxiliary Industry Segments

  • Skills development in precision engineering industry:
  • Sourcing new technologies for AM industry development
  • Integrating academic and research capabilities into AM and PE manufacturing
  • Creating viable regulatory environment for AM adoption


  • David Wong, Head/Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre, Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Zhou Simin, Vice President, UL
  • Sean Looi, General Manager, Creatz 3D
  • Silas Daiber, Head of Additive Manufacturing Center – Research, DMG MORI
  • Dr Gary Ng, Group Manager for Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Center (ARTC)

Moderator: Ong Ken Lip, Business Development & Strategic Partnership Director, NAMIC

11:40 am

Overcoming the Barriers to 3D Printing Adoption and How AM Simulation Software Can Help Companies Address these Challenges?

Joint Presentation:

Zhou Simin, Vice President, UL

Dr Brent Stucker, CEO, 3DSIM

12:20 pm

How PE companies can leverage on Singapore’s AM R&D landscape

  • Singapore’s AM R&D landscape
  • NAMIC’s role within AM landscape
  • Industry-IHL collaboration frameworks
  • Testing and certification guidance program

Ong Ken Lip, Business Development & Strategic Partnership Director, NAMIC

12:45 pm

Networking Lunch

01:30 pm

Industry Case Study: Driving Successful Integration and Adoption of Additive Manufacturing

  • Understanding how AM technology can help reduce new product development process schedule substantially
  • How does tooling like jigs & fixtures made with AM technology and design for AM help reduce cost and increase precision
  • How can new application of specific AM technology together with innovation and other emerging technologies be used for validation of product parts

Rajeev Sharma, Head – Proto Manufacturing Factory, Global Centre for Innovation and Technology, Hero MotoCorp

02:00 pm

Additive Manufacturing and Conformal Tooling

Miles Podmore, CEO, Eye2Eye

02:30 pm

Panel Discussion 2: Creating New Lines of Business in Existing PE Manufacturing through AM

  • Brainstorming how AM could lead to new segments in your manufacturing activity
  • Understanding the current barriers to adoption and overcoming them
  • Identifying the current gaps in the AM solutions space that might be beneficial for your business
  • Exploring new opportunities in AM supply chain


  • Rajeev Sharma, Head – Proto Mfg Factory, Global Centre for Innovation & Technology, Hero MotoCorp Ltd
  • Ralf Frohwerk, Head of Global Business Development, SLM
  • Chee Teck Lee, CEO, Moveon Technologies


John Lu, Director – Advanced Manufacturing, SPRING Singapore

03:10 pm

Afternoon Networking Coffee Break

03:40 pm

The Manufacturing Landscape in Singapore and its Impact for Regional Industries: The Road Map for Digital Manufacturing

  • Achieving high value low mix manufacturing as a long-term objective: the plans, policies and investments
  • Singapore’s manufacturing industry: the evolution towards digital manufacturing
  • The role of precision engineering in high value manufacturing
  • Additive manufacturing and why is it crucial for Singapore’s plans?

Joint Presentation:

Kelvin Zin, Head of Precision Engineering, EDB

Dr Satish Lele, Senior Vice President – Manufacturing, Frost & Sullivan

04:10 pm

Highlights of Successfully Integrating 3D Printing Research into Commercial Applications: 3D Matters

Matthew Waterhouse, Chief Executive Officer, 3D Matters

05:35 pm

End of NAMIC AM Series – Precision Engineering Conference


Dr Satish Lele
Dr Satish Lele

Senior Vice President Manufacturing, Frost & Sullivan

Dr Gary Ng
Dr Gary Ng

Group Manager for Additive Manufacturing, Agency for Science, Technology and Research

Rajeev Sharma
Rajeev Sharma

Head Proto Manufacturing Factory, Global Centre for Innovation and Technology, Hero MotoCorp Ltd

Marc Torras
Marc Torras

3D Printing Go-To-Market Senior Manager, HPI Asia Pacific and Japan

David Garcia
David Garcia

Principal, A. T. Kearney

Brent Stucker
Brent Stucker

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, 3DSIM

Ong Ken Lip
Ong Ken Lip

Business Development & Strategic Partnership Director, NTUitive - NAMIC

Kelvin Zin
Kelvin Zin

Head of Precision Engineering Group, Singapore Economic Development Board

John Lu
John Lu

Director of the Manufacturing & Engineering Division, SPRING Singapore

David Wong
David Wong

Head/Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMiC), Nanyang Polytechnic

Zhou Simin
Zhou Simin

Vice President of Digital Manufacturing Technologies, UL

Matthew Waterhouse
Matthew Waterhouse

Chief Executive Officer, 3D Matters

Sean Looi
Sean Looi

General Manager, Creatz 3D

Frédéric Le Moullec
Frédéric Le Moullec

Vice President, Business Development, BeAM

Lavi Lev
Lavi Lev

Senior Vice President, UCT Asia

Jack Wu
Jack Wu

General Manager - Greater China, EOS GmbH

Miles Podmore
Miles Podmore

CEO, Eye-2-Eye Communications Pte Ltd

Ralf Frohwerk
Ralf Frohwerk

Head of Global Business Development, SLM Solution

Chee Teck Lee
Chee Teck Lee

CEO, Moveon Technologies

Silas Daiber
Silas Daiber

Head of Additive Manufacturing Center – Research, DMG MORI

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