How Additive Manufacturing is Solving Supply Chain Disruptions

Jointly organised by HP Inc and NAMIC Singapore, the team aims to showcase how Additive Manufacturing and HP technologies had helped to solve the Supply Chain needs and steered towards the new trends within the Manufacturing sector in the post pandemic era.

As the world advances toward recovery, industries around the world achieve operations continuity and ease the pressure on supply chains as they localize production, produce parts on demand, eliminate inventory, and benefit from shorter lead times with the help of HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology – whether it is in healthcare production of 120,000 ventilator parts in just four days to manifesting industrial applications with unprecedented speed and high-value customization using hybrid manufacturing.

Join the webinar graced by Subject Matter Experts and Esteemed Speakers on How Additive Manufacturing is Solving Supply Chain Disruptions happening on 30 July 2020, 11.30am to 01.00pm (Singapore Standard Time) to learn how HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology enables you to respond in real time to unforeseen events, effectively adjust to new conditions, and secure production reliability without compromising quality.

The Panel of Speakers

  1. Mr Edward Davis, Director of 3D Strategy, Chief Technologists Office, HP Inc.
  2. Mr Leon Gairns, General Manager, GoProto ANZ
  3. Mr Anshuman Dikshit, Senior Industrial Design Researcher,  AgVa Healthcare
  4. Mr Churia Prakash, Application Engineer & Expansion 3D Print & Digital Manufacturing HP Inc.

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